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We are delighted to be working with BBC Radio Suffolk over the next year.

Our charity Appeal is called “8 days a week” – "is not enough to show I care”

Together with the people of Suffolk we want to raise £250,000 to buy and run a bus for Suffolk Family Carers which will tour Suffolk bringing the services that Suffolk Family Carers offers to the doorstep of families across the County.

The Suffolk Family Carers bus will...

Deliver information, advice and guidance and provide a place where Family Carers can be listened to, supported and directed according to their needs.

Provide a space to deliver health & wellbeing activities e.g. complementary therapies and simple health checks. We hope to work in partnership with other providers to improve the health and wellbeing of Family Carers in Suffolk.

The yearly touring programme will be designed to target rural and/or hard to reach areas of our County. Throughout this time, we hope to use the Mobile Family Carers Centre to identify hidden Family Carers of all ages

Why a Suffolk Family Carers bus? 

We chose to raise money for a Suffolk Family Carers bus, highlighting the need to make our services available to more Family Carers in need of support across our County. Often, Family Carers are not able to visit our base in Claydon and so, by making a mobile bus, Suffolk Family Carers can move its services to those who really need them. By doing this, we hope to...

•          Support existing Family Carers of all ages

•          Find hidden Family Carers across our County

•          Provide rural areas of Suffolk with a Family Carer service

•          Raise awareness of the role of Family Carers in Suffolk

•          Reduce isolation for Family Carers and ensure they know help is on their door step

•          Enhance our 25th Anniversary celebrations and future fundraising events

Throughout the appeal year, we will share a variety of information from real life Family Carer stories to interviews from our staff and our volunteers. We will let you know about Community Fundraising events and hope to gain local support from businesses. We will provide a variety of advice and guidance from some of our professional partners and will provide further information about support of other services that will help improve Family Carers lives.

To reach our target of £250,000 we need everyone’s help. Even a modest donation can help. You can get involved and make a real difference.

Click here to find out how you can make a difference

Alternatively, if you are a business wanting to support us during our appeal, please click here

You can see more information on the BBC Radio Suffolk website by clicking here


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